The Breakup Song

How would you break up with someone over the Internet? If you’re sane, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t look anything like this. Then again, if you were sane, you wouldn’t be breaking up with someone over the Internet….

Ladies and gentlemen: the breakup song…


You’re NOT a Textpert

Youtube stars Rhett and Link present this humorous take on a very serious topic.

Texting and driving is dangerous. We’ve all done it, but texting while driving is impaired driving. Impaired driving leads to accidents. Don’t be stupid.

The highway entrance ramp is not the place to be texting – seriously. I’ve seen it happen.

If it’s an emergency, and you simply must text, at least pull over to the side of the road before proceeding.

How many accidents could be prevented if people put down their phones and focused on driving while behind the wheel. Instant communications have conditioned us to think any message must be replied to instantly. Only since recent decades have we had the ability to send messages and receive replies in seconds. Our forefathers had to wait – and were content doing so. Is it really so much of an inconvenience to wait for a few minutes to reply to a text?

The Phenomenon of Simon’s Cat

Cat lovers, if you haven’t yet discovered Simon’s Cat, you’re welcome. Simon’s Cat is a series of animations by Simon Tofield, an English animator. Cat lovers will appreciate the accurately comical portrayals of feline behavior.

Fun fact: The Internet was invented by cats as a plot for world domination.

Want proof? Who doesn’t love funny cat videos, or videos of cats and their feline antics? How do you know these videos are distractions while our new feline overlords conquer the planet?

I, for one, welcome our feline rulers.

Three Little Pigs Funny Edition

Who doesn’t know the story of the three little pigs? You know… three pigs… one bad wolf intent on maliciously devouring each… Prepare yourself for a better rendition of this classic tale. Here is John Branyan’s version of The Three Little Pigs – how it SHOULD have been told!

For more of John Branyan’s comedy, check out his website:


The Purge Anarchy: More Gratuitous Violence That Exposes a Heart Problem

The ancient Romans had the Colosseum and gladiators. We have reality TV and entertainment that glorifies violence, and conflict.

Why is it people are drawn to Jerry Springer, Maury, et al? Why do we crave shows filled with murder, violent crimes, and abuse? Why do we like to watch people getting killed on television?

Could this be our Colosseum? Is our nation going the way of the Roman Empire?

Any Relationship Requires Effort

One of my friends on Facebook posted the following:

“I was talking with a friend who has never been married. They said that they don’t understand people who say marriage is something you have to work at and that it seems that if a marriage is a lot of work, you probably aren’t compatible. I wasn’t sure how to respond to that… Thoughts?”

As I told her in my reply, what her friend said is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.

PixelAnarchy / Pixabay

PixelAnarchy / Pixabay

Any relationship requires work – be that with family, friends, or romantic interest.

I’m not married, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that NO relationship is 100% smooth 100% of the time – despite whatever front some people put up.

One of my favorite movies of my generation is Fireproof. In the movie, Caleb Holt and his wife Catherine are on the brink of divorce. Caleb is being a terrible husband (which he comes to realize), and Catherine wants out of the marriage (understandably). Caleb doesn’t want a divorce. His father, John, loans him a book called The Love Dare. This book is full of challenges – things to do each day to strengthen the relationship. Caleb reluctantly agrees to go along with what he believes to be a hopeless campaign to save a dead marriage. What happens next, however, is the whole point of this post.

Caleb loved his wife, but he wasn’t putting the effort into his marriage that he should have been. Catherine loved her husband, but the relationship was nearly dead. They were not being a husband and a wife. They were co-habitating – and tenuously at that.

How many marriages, dating relationships, friendships, and even family relationships are falling apart from lack of effort? When people expect everything and give nothing, they should not expect relationships to last.

Will you always like your spouse? Will you always enjoy the company of your friends? No, definitely not. You will irritate each other and need time to cool down and forgive. Sure you could get mad and leave. That would be the easy thing to do. OR you could stay and work out your problems and strengthen your relationship. Did you catch that word? Work. No it won’t always be easy, but much in life worth having requires one to work for it. This is no exception.

How many of us are in marriages without being husbands and wives? How many are in friendships but are not being true friends? How many are simply related but aren’t a family? One is easy and takes little work. The other is hard.

A branch that doesn’t get nutrients from its tree dies and falls off. A relationship of any type that isn’t fed dies as well.

If you have yet to see Fireproof, I highly recommend picking up a copy. The acting isn’t the best, but that’s not the point of the movie. It’s an excellent discussion starter and may help you examine your own relationships before it’s too late.


5 FREE Windows Image Editors That Aren’t Photoshop

Photoshop is expensive (though it is now somewhat more affordable via Creative Cloud). What if you only need to touch up a photo or create some simple graphics? Photoshop may be overkill for you. For those who don’t need the full power of Photoshop, there are a few notable options to consider.

All but one of these programs can also run on non-Windows/Mac computers while Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are tied to Windows and Mac OS without third-party software like WINE.


While not as powerful as Photoshop, GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a great, free tool. It runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. One feature that Photoshop provides that GIMP does not (as of this writing) is the ability to set a fixed size on the selection tool. However, most things you would want to do in Photoshop can be done easily in GIMP, but there is a slight learning curve. You can find quite a few tutorials with a simple Google search to help you get started. Those coming from Photoshop may prefer Gimpshop over GIMP as it looks a bit more like Photoshop. See the next option.

Gimpshop (

For those who are used to Adobe Photoshop, using GIMP is a little like jumping naked into ice water. Uncomfortable.* To ease the learning curve, I present Gimpshop. Gimpshop is essentially GIMP with Photoshop-esque customizations to present an interface that is more familiar and less confusing. This means that tutorials written for GIMP should also work just fine for Gimpshop. Like it’s brother, GIMP, Gimpshop runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Paint.NET (

Paint.NET is based on Microsoft’s .NET framework. With an interface vaguely similar to Photoshop, Paint.NET is a decent tool for basic image work. Unfortunately, it requires a minimum of Windows 7 SP1 which means Vista and XP users are out of luck.

Krita (

Krita is designed mostly for digital painting. It is based on the KDE framework, but it runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Inkscape (

Inkscape is my favorite in this list and is a direct answer to Adobe Illustrator. Its main purpose is the creation of vector graphics. It provides excellent tools for designers without the pricetag of Illustrator. Check out the gallery for examples of what can be done with the program. It’s quite impressive. Once you download the program, be sure to see the tutorials to get started. One issue of note, however, is speed. I have noticed Inkscape tends to be slow at times – even on faster computers. That may be solved in future releases, however. Inkscape runs on many platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

  • No, the author has never attempted this. It’s simply a metaphor. He has enough sense to know that such behavior is stupid and can only end in tears.

Sick of Facebook App Invites? Don’t Play Facebook Games? Do this.

Don’t play games on Facebook? Are you sick of the endless app invites from Candy Crush Saga, Farmville, Petville, et al?

You can easily eliminate the requests by turning off the Facebook platform here:

Simon / Pixabay

Simon / Pixabay

Note: Turning off Facebook platform will mean you won’t be able to use “Like” buttons on third-party sites. Fortunately, this also means that Facebook won’t be able to track your browsing activity with said buttons.

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